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Bipartisan Coalition Opposes $7 billion Measure C Tax


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Delores Huerta

Activist, Founder of the Delores Huerta Foundation for Community Organizing

"Farmworkers and young people need transportation to get to a job, school, or to the doctor. Now is not the time to cut transportation funding. Measure C ignores their needs. Vote No on Measure C."

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Senator Anna Caballero

CA State Senator, District 12 

"Families in rural communities work hard. Their voices must be included in decisions about the future of Fresno County. Measure C cuts transit programs that our seniors and farmworkers rely on and fails to keep our kids safe on their way to school. Vote NO on Measure C."

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League of Women Voters Fresno

"Since 1986 Measure C has served the development interests of Fresno County. Now it's time to serve every resident. We need improved public transportation and safe routes to schools for pedestrians and bicyclists. Measure C for the future must account for climate change and help us work toward improved air quality."

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Dr. Alex Sheriffs

Member of San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District

"The current Measure C does not expire until 2027. We have the time to get this right for future generations. Let's seize the opportunity to invest in public transit and clean air."


Fresno County Republican Party

Fresno County Democratic Central Committee 

Fresno Bee

Fresno Building Healthy Communities

Mothers Helping Mothers

Northern California Carpenters Union 

Carpenters Local 701

Leadership Counsel for Justice and Accountability 

Central California Environmental Justice Network 

Dolores Huerta Foundation 

Central Valley Leadership Roundtable

League of Women Voters of Fresno County 

Jakara Movement 

Central California Asthma Collaborative 

Council on American-Islamic Relations 

California Environmental Voters

Central Valley Air Quality Coalition

Ironworkers Union Local 155

Communications Workers Local 9408

Centro Binacional Para el Dessarollo Indigena Oaxaqueno

Faith in the Valley

Sierra Club

Planned Parenthood Advocates Mar Monte

Cultiva La Salud

NRDC Action Fund
Fresno Teachers Association

Central Valley Progressive PAC

Fund for a Better Future, Inc.


Anna Caballero, CA State Senator, District 12 

Juan Arambula, Former Fresno County Supervisor 

Dr. Joaquin Arambula, Assemblymember

Miguel Arias, Fresno City Councilmember

Genoveva Islas, FUSD Trustee

Andy Levine, FUSD Trustee 

Ismael Herrera, Kerman City Councilmember

Rey Leon, City of Huron Mayor

Thilani Grubel

*Titles listed for identification purposes only

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